Hello, beautiful souls!

I am Lexi and I am the founder of this beautiful project – Omega Vibe Tribe – a project that I had in my mind since forever, but it seems now it’s the right time to come to LIFE.

My vision is that here will be the Universe of worlds where YOU can discover other souls and that you can connect with them; here will be podcasts, Youtube vlogs and also articles about Mind, Body and Soul.

Together we will have a beautiful journey where I hope I can add you value and where you can learn that there is MORE than YOU could ever IMAGINE.

Omega Vibe Tribe = Sensibility + Kindness + Love + Empathy + Light.

Welcome to the Tribe!

Published by omegavibetribe

Hi! I am Lexi Beqiri and Omega Vibe Tribe came out as an idea of collecting beautiful stories and empathic souls in one place. My vision is that through this project I can touch people’s mind, heart and soul and we will be a big joyful family! Welcome! You are now part of my family! ❤️ ✨

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