Is there a recipe for Self-Love?

I think you have heard so many times about self-love, but for me was a concept I couldn’t understand and I think it is something so personal that you can not define it as x or y or z.

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For each individual means something different, but personally I became aware of things that I love to do and which I consider are part of self-love.

When you don’t feel OK it is because you let the pressure of society to make you to compare to others and I think this should be the first step. To understand you are unique and there is only one you in the world. Married by 30? It is ok if you’re not. Success by 40s? It is ok if you’re not successful until 40. What I mean by these examples is that we have different timelines. We are different and we should not follow a pattern just because society or culture say so.

Be you, become aware of who you are, what do you actually like and take action towards your dreams! And I must warn you: people will always comment or think it is not ok whatever you do. Don’t let them stop you from your journey, they will just give you advices from a place of love and what they think, but do not take advices from people that didn’t had your journey or don’t understand what you do. A person on a similar path as yours will always show you key points that will help you, not stop you fly.

And if you want more examples of self-love, I will share with you what I do as part of my daily routine and also what I do weekly, maybe will inspire you, I don’t say this is THE SECRET.

MORNING: I wake up and do the bed. This is the first thing and after I open the door for fresh air. The next thing it is to make my tea bomb and enjoy it by the door. I listen to the birds, I am present, I feel the wind and the crisp fresh air. Journal, sage and some good music. Having my shake and I am ready to work.

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This is the moment of the day I love the most as I have my morning routine and through mindfulness I enjoy this time.

LUNCH: I take my time usually to sit to the table and enjoy a piece of chicken and a salad or tuna salad or a soup. This if I don’t have another shake and swap with the dinner.

Is it love? It is as I am not eating fast and just to eat. I bless my food and I am grateful for it.

DINNER: Every day I have my dinner with my husband and I so love this part of the day too as I think it is super important we share the meal, talk and I am staying present, enjoying the moment.

As you can see, daily I am present, aware of moments and that makes me love the day, love me more, take care more of myself.

WEEKLY: A mask, a good book, a long hot shower, cuddling, a movie, walking – all these things are part of my life and I do them with intention, the intention to fulfil my life and feel the love for myself.

Ask yourself: How many times did you realised the seasons has changed? How many times have you been fully present in your life and memories? What is the best memory that you have?

I just hope this article helped you and if so, let me know how in the comment section.

I send you love,

I send you light,

I hug you tight,


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