Do you have patience?

In a fast-paced world where instant gratification takes precedence, having patience seems to be a virtue.

From spiritual perspective, patience has a more profound meaning - it's a pathway to inner peace, personal growth and spiritual awakening.

You might find yourself in a position where you want everything to happen yesterday if possible, you work towards a goal and want instant result, instant gratification. I get you, I have been there and I have learned how to have patience regarding myself.

You see, I always had patience with other people - my family, friends, colleagues - but never with me. Once I have became awaken and conscious there is more to life, I understood that having patience it's something that will help me long term.

I have learned that If I want to apply self-love, I should start having patience with the process of falling in love with me. I had to look inside-out for things I was liking on myself. 

Then easy, easy, I have started to like and love myself. Naturally the next step was towards manifesting things in my life. I had to learn that I need to detach of the outcome and to understand that what I want will come in divine timing.

By becoming detached, I started to be open to synchronicities, open to opportunities, started to met new people and people through people. Everything to align for my greater good and that because I learned to become patient.

patience is power

Through patience, we also develop resilience and strength. Life's challenges and setbacks become opportunities for growth rather than sources of despair. Patience allows us to persevere, maintaining a steadfast belief in our own capabilities and the inherent goodness of the Universe. It teaches us that setbacks are temporary and that each obstacle holds valuable lessons for our spiritual evolution.

Furthermore, patience nurtures compassion and empathy towards ourselves and others. By understanding that everyone is on their unique journey and may be at different stages of growth, we cultivate a deep sense of understanding and acceptance. Patience allows us to extend kindness and support, recognising that we are all interconnected.

I hope that you will take the first steps towards having patience and you can start that by working on our Self-Care journal that you find it here. Also you get 2 amazing bonuses, so go grab it at the amazing discount that is today. :)

Sending you love and light always!


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