About Omega Vibe Tribe

Omega Vibe Tribe ideea came as a download while thinking how can I serve people better in their life journeys...

But it wasn't always like this. This idea came from my story which I believed that happened against me, not for me.

One day I said enough is enough and looked for solutions that would help me feel myself again. It was a journey and still is. Through meditation, right nutrition, affirmations, using the journal and smudge the place I was living in - all these helped me feel better, improve my mind, body and spirit and soon enough people have started to notice it.

So many asked me what have I done, what helped me and the first step was to help them with their nutrition. We all know that food is fuel.

Fast forward to today, I had bits and pieces of the mind and spirit part to help them. So like that Omega Vibe Tribe has been born. A place where you can get tools to help you manifest your dream life, cleanse your space, apply self-love and much more.

My aim is that this Tribe will grow and we can help one another to grow and pour into our cup positivity and joy first in order to be able to help others.

I see Omega Vibe Tribe as a place where healed people heal people.

I am Lexi Beqiri, Romanian immigrant in the UK that has a small business. With the help of my husband I am starting the movement #iamomegavibetribe which I hope will help you and your loved ones.

Love and light,

Lexi B - founder of Omega Vibe Tribe

Lexi Beqiri - Founder Omega Vibe Tribe