How scripting can help you manifest

Hello, beautiful emphatic soul!

Have you wondered how scripting can help you manifest?

Today I want to share from my experience how scripting helped me attract the house of my dreams in my life and what technique I have used step by step.

First of all, you need a journal that you like, you love the way it looks and be sure will make you open it. It is very important to be attracted by the cover. I recommend you my Manifestation Journal for 21 days, but of course, feel free to chose whatever you'll like for this technique. 

Manifestation Journal for 21 days helps you manifest by scripting

Second, prepare your body - yoga, dance - a form of movement that helps you open your chakras and make the stagnant energy move. Once you do this, you'll raise your vibration and will help you with the next steps.

The third thing it can be meditation plus visualisation - just close the eyes, breathe relaxed and visualise in detail what you want. You can skip this step, just do as your intuition guides you.

Forth and the most important step - grab your manifestation journal and script in present tense what you want to attract in your life. 

Very important! While you script feel the feeling of accomplishment - how would feel having those things in your life?

Also faith is an important thing. If you have at the back of your head doubts, will not happen. Just BELIEVE. All will be in for you will be just a positive experience.

Having a high vibration from dance or yoga and feeling the high vibrations of touching your goals it's a formula of placing the order to Universe. Like you add to the cart, pay and order to Amazon, if you want.

Action - the way you work towards your goals is part of the process also. Just by wishing, dancing, scripting you might attract in your life, but the action and work towards it will provide you with faster opportunities.

The last step is: forget it. What do I mean by that? Don't obsess over it as then you'll act in lack of. Universe will then bring you more lack of.

Just by doing these steps, in around 2 to 3 months me and my husband have been pointed in the direction of buying a home, when we normally had just the idea of renting.

I wish you good luck and let me know if you've applied these steps and what did you manifest. ❤️✨

Love and light,

Lexi B.

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