Meditation for beginners

Women in meditation in front of seaside and purple sky

Have you heard about meditation? Maybe you never tried or you have tried and you thought it is too complicated.

This post is for you. I will explain a simple process about how to start to meditate just through breathing.

I've came across the idea of meditation since I know myself: through books, through YouTube and heard to people, but I truly dive into it around 5 years ago when I was in depression. All I knew from my GP (doctor in the UK) was that I have to lose weight, but there was no option, no path offered. So I just went on YouTube, typed "meditation" and I found some videos in English, some in Romanian (my first language) and was... something new, an experience which I loved and practice it since then.

I gathered on IG post few steps, so you can scroll through and then come back and keep reading where meditation bring me to.

You can use apps or you can just breathe, stay present, observe your thoughts and let them go. Come back to your breathing and so on. It is OK if your mind wanders, just don't judge, observe your thoughts exactly how you would observe nature staying on a bench in a park.

Feel free to have a space dedicated, burn some incense or sage, play some music.

Prepare or wind down before meditation, don't just jump in. Then, take few deep breathes and relax. Once you start the meditation, your breath should be normal. A nice fact is that when you start to relax, the stress levels will just go down.

Do NOT pre-judge, do not have expectations. Just think it is an adventure, a new opportunity to see how your mind works.

Now... back to my experience. I was practicing meditation daily with an app called Petit BamBou (not ad, just a shared experience) and one day I just had this awkward, beautiful experience. While I was in a lotus position and just breathing and being relaxed, an image, like a dream came from my forehead; even tho' I had my eyes closed, it played in front of my eyes like a video. I've seen my husband playing with a kid by the pool of a huge house. It was a vision. Later I found the picture of the house - a picture I printed it in 2020 for my vision board... 

I was speechless.

How was this possible?

My explanation is that as long as you practice meditation, one day you will start to feel how it changes your life. You discover new things, new paths, a new life. We should just stay open and learn. We should continue to upgrade. Find tools that will help us on our journey. Maybe it is not for you, maybe you prefer to pray or do something else, but just give it a try. Try it enough to then come up with a conclusion -  if it's right for you or not.

I hope this helps you and if so, share it with your bestie, your partner, your parents or co-workers and why not, business partners. You never know to whom this story and the information from this article... well, can change life.

Love and light,

I hug you tight,

Lexi B - Omega Vibe Tribe Founder

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