The Power of Affirmations

Hello, empathic soul. You may find yourself in a moment in life where everything seems upside down or maybe you feel confused. Probably you talk negative to yourself and you don't even realise you do that.

Whatever the situation is, I get you. I have been there, I felt the same way and I was thinking there is no exit door. I thought that maybe one day I'll have the courage to end up the pain, that much I felt disconnected from myself.

You don't have to be in that situation, but probably, like most of us, you think negative about yourself.

And then... one day I heard about affirmations. I thought 'what do I have to loose if I try it at least?' and so I did.

Believe me, was the most awkward thing I have ever done in my life - talking nice to myself in front of a mirror. It felt so strange, I stopped. Then try again. Again stop as my mind would tell me 'What TF are you trying to do here?', that rooted were the negative thoughts and beliefs about myself.

Tried and failed for few days until started to feel easier. 

                 ( Foto source: Self-Love Journal for 21 Days)

Tip: what helped me even more was writing it down in a notebook that was just for affirmations. I would write them down every single day. Write in present tense: 'I am..." + the belief you want to have about yourself. For example 'I am beautiful. I am strong. I am enough. I am loved.'

In time I started to become aware of each moment when I speak negative to myself and turn that thought into a positive one.

It takes time, maybe years... but never give up. At some point you will realise you have to pluck the roots of negative thinking one by one and you will succeed. But give yourself time, prioritise yourself and exercise, exercise, exercise.

If I could bring myself out of depression, so can you. 

The power is within YOU!

Love and light and have a beautiful day ahead,

Lexi B.

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