Exciting NEWS!

Hi, beautiful empathic soul! Happy August and Happy Full SuperMoon!

Today I want to talk about a project I started that is related to Omega Vibe Tribe.

I have started to think of what can I do and how to give my beautiful empathic souls more of the information that I know?

So I have started Omega Vibe Tribe podcast that you can find HERE.

From having guests and discovering their beautiful story, to updates on energies, on subconscious, on how can you manifest - all the episodes are crafted with you in mind.

If you are a Romanian speaker, I have for you also a podcast in Romanian HERE.

I am also preparing myself for going back on YouTube, but I will let you know once I started to post over there too.

Why should you listen?

Because I try my best to give you all the information that I learned, to share from my experiences and also bring guests that will help you understand more of their life also.

I truly believe that even if we are a small community, we can help each other grow and we will bring even more empathic souls to rise together.

The power is in our beautiful community and together we can learn first to pour self love in our cup and then to give a bit from our light and energy to those around us, because what is more beautiful than giving back?

If you want, come join us on Telegram also!

For English speakers here, for Romanian speakers here.

That being said, I send you love and light and keep your eyes peeled on the website as more surprises are coming! <3

Lexi B.

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